Abuse Victims Comfort
Clearing the Mind
Confidence Building
Grieving Process

Loss of a Love
Post Tramatic Stress
Preparing for Giving a Speech
Post Operative Comfort
People suffering from Depression
Replacing Bad Images

Searching for Ideas
Suicide Prevention
Waiting in line
Waiting Room in Doctor?s Office
Waiting for a Meeting to Start
Words to Console or Inspire
Searching for Ideas or a Special Word

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Feel Good Words can create new pathways, overwhelm bad memories over time, and give rise to inspiration. Every English speaking person in the world could benefit from having these words at hand.

These Feel Good Words were extracted, page-by-page, from Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, and is as complete a list as we could make it. The list is for people to look to for inspiration and possible healing. Some of them are composers that evoke lovely thoughts for me. Some are descriptive, culinary, sensual, imaging. Others inspire positive action, etc. By reading this list, you are guaranteed not to see any negative words.

The idea is to try to ascribe the meaning of particular words to yourself. e.g. "I am ABLE, ADORED, I have ABUNDANCE, ACHIEVEMENT, ACTION, CONTROL", etc. Let each word sink in, visualize its meaning and let it do its job. Some will stimulate a a pleasant memory of a past experience. Pick out special words and put them into a mantra for prayer or meditation. Other times, read the whole list from start to finish, it will result in a profound elation that stays with you and can carry you through a tough time. Use the words to elevate your kids' vocabulary after dinner, etc. The booklets are meant to be read over and over, and not put onto a bookshelf. It is good to keep them handy for instant inspiration. The Posters are nice because one can view all of the words at once. Guests at your home can also read them easily. Find some special words that have meaning for you, and keep thinking about the various meanings.

The Feel Good Words Poster can hang on a wall by itself or have it framed. It is 18" X 24". It contains all of the 1312 words. The complete poster is shown in the pdf attachment and in the photo. Posters [16" X 24"] and Posters can be adhered to a pantry door or a refrigerator, or like a picture, by purchasing a 24" x 30" frame. View poster

Booklets are [approx. 5" x 4"], are 20 pages, which fit easily into a pocket or purse, that you can read while waiting in line, or feel the need for a lift, going in for the big order, post operative thought management, loss of a love, kid problems, etc. The best combination is to order one Poster and 2 Booklets in a package. View booklet


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